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Local Reflexology/Massage Specialist & Yoga Instuctor​

07786 130923

What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non surgical method of rejuvenating the skin by means of a mechanical skin exfoliation without chemicals or laser.

PMD combines aluminum oxide crystals and a powerful vacuum suction in order to rework the skin’s surface and smooth away dead skin cells. This allows for your skin products to penetrate 20 times deeper, revealing younger, more beautiful skin.

It is a quick treatment that can be used on the face, chest, back or just about anywhere to immediately restore smooth, clearer, younger looking skin.

What is it used for and what can I hope to achieve?

It diminishes the appearance of:

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • sun damaged skin and sun spots
  • acne prone skin and scarring
  • blackheads
  • age spots and hyper-pigmentation
  • ingrowing hairs
  • excessive oiliness or dry skin
  • will enhance the absorption of creams and lotions

How is it carried out?

I start with cleansing the skin/ area that is being treated. I then use hydrolat to clear any excess away. The microdermabrasion tool is used all over the area and takes about 15 minutes dependant on size of area. The hydrolat then takes away any skin left behind. Finally you have a gorgeous plumping, renewing moisturized face massage and to leave your skin feeling cool and refreshed I used a marble roller to close the pores.

How will I feel after?

You may experience some redness from the exfoliation but it won't last and the marble roller helps to decrease the redness in your face. As it is an exfoliator you may experience an abrasiveness when carrying out the treatment but rest assured it will not harm or break the skin.

How often do I need treatments?

After one you may be hooked!!!

A course of 6 is recommended. You can have a treatment once a week at maximum or every two weeks. The amount depends on the results you wish to achieve and that can be established after an initial consultation.

After a course is finished and due to the incredible results you may just want to pop back monthly for a maintenance top-up.

After care advice

It is highly recommended that heat treatments such as saunas, sunbeds, hot baths, vigorous exercise and applying make-up is avoided for the first 48 hours after treatment.

The cost!!

As a special Introductory Offer for your first treatment just £25

Treatments thereafter are £40 each

If you buy 5 @ £40 you get your 5th free (£33.33 each)

Or buy 3 for £110 (£37 each)