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Local Reflexology/Massage Specialist & Yoga Instuctor​

07786 130923

Pregnancy Massage...

Pregnancy is a very special time for those blooming gorgeous mums to be. Apart from the joy of expecting something so very special, there are times you may be feeling in need of some relief from the pressure pregnancy puts on the body. Pregnancy massage works on the parts that suffer the most such as: the back, legs, ankles and shoulders.

The Treatment:

A full body massage can be carried out without having to lie on your tummy but be assured that every muscle can be reached.

I use organic natural Rosehip oil which is particularly beneficial to expanding skin and is beautifully rich and indulgent. Should you wish not to have this oil I have a range of various organic oils or cream to choose from. Some oils have very low mixed pre-blended aromatherapy oils in them that are safe to use throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage is carried out when the expectant mum has reached the safe 12 week benchmark. A full consultation will be carried out prior to your treatment. Should there be any contra indications a doctors note will be required.

Childbirth massage is also offered but has to be cleared by all the medical team involved in your pregnancy and labour.


Whole Body Luxury                           75 Mins £52

Whole Body                                     60 Mins £42

Back, neck, shoulders & legs              45 Mins £35

Taster                                             15 Mins £12

(Please allow an extra 15 minutes for initial consultation)

Please note I hold a 24 hour cancellation policy whereby I am within my rights to charge for a missed appointment if not given 24 hours notice.