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Local Reflexology/Massage Specialist & Yoga Instuctor​

07786 130923

I'm so happy to be teaching Hatha Yoga at various locations throughout Gloucestershire.

Having tried various styles of Yoga over the last 20+ years I have spent the last 16 years practising Iyengar Yoga.

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After completing the Foundation Course with British Wheel of Yoga I decided to immerse myself into my teacher training in India. Since then I have attended workshop after workshop aswell as returning to India to continue my training, and attending my regular classes in England to keep the knowledge flowing.

My current classes are:

Tuesday 19.15-20.30pm Coopers Edge Community Centre, Comittee room 2

£50 for 6 weeks or £10 drop in.

Thursday 09.35-10.30 am David Lloyd Gym Brockworth (members only)

Saturday 9-10.30 am Coopers Edge Community Centre, Comittee room 2

£55 for 6 weeks or £10 drop in.

Sunday 20.00-20.55pm David Lloyd Gym Brockworth (members only)

All classes are available as blocks of 6 weeks

An unlimited charge of £55 a month is also available

1-2-1 Sessions: £35 per hour for one person or

£50 per hour for two persons

Private Hire available also..price on request.

Travel costs may apply for private lessons and hire.